Trillium Park – the best in Toronto for nature lovers

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Toronto is definitely a home for a host of great locations and events. The Trillium Park in Toronto should ideally double up as one of the most attractive locations and a human wonder by every standard. Let us try finding more about the park and what it offers for you.

The Trillium Park – A Man made wonder

Can you ever imagine that the Trillium Park that you see today was once an eight acres of asphalt parking lot? The engineers and others involved in the creation of this nature park on the shoe of Lake Ontario have really done a great job ever. In fact, this was part of the revival off the Ontario Place that was once a theme park that operated between 1971 to 2011.

The Park opened for the public in 2017 and has been a great option for being one with the nature and enjoy. The Park was designed by Walter H. Kehm, a landscape architect. It has now become one of the favourite destinations for all your needs in being one with the nature, and a perhaps a perfect option for the Toronto crowd in this pandemic hit phase.

What can you do at the Trillium Park?

The trillium park has been one of the prime destinations if you want to be one with the nature and want to enjoy a host of activities to your heart’s content. The Park should be your best bet for several activities that would include walking, jogging, cycling, dog walking and other passive recreational activities.

The topography of the park has been done quite carefully and that should ideally make it one of the exciting options in the long run. The lakeside locations along with plenty of viewing options for the Toronto Skyline makes it a truly multipurpose park in every way. While it may be a great place to lounge upon, it should also double up as one of the good options for the casual visitors as well. It can be your good option for a casual walk around the lake.

How to get to Trillium Park?

There are several ways that you can reach Trillium Park. You may decide to take a bus, a car or even a train to reach here. Each of these travelling modes have their own advantages, but traveling by car can prove to be quite an exciting option that provides you a clear view of the attractions on the way.

If you are planning to reach Toronto through train, you can take a train from Dixie Outlet mall in Mississauga, Davidson Value mart, The Junction and Cork Town all in Toronto. The average time taken to reach the park can range across 60 to 74 minutes.

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