No More Low Back Pain with the Help of Michelle Andrie, World Renowned Yoga Therapist and Her New Book Heal.thy Low-Back


Numerous women suffer from low back pain, which can be exacerbated by constant lifting of babies and toddlers or any bending over. It is crucial not to disregard the pain in your lower back, as it may prevent you from lifting heavy objects or sitting for extended periods, and may even restrict aerobic activity. It’s time to take action and reclaim your quality of life.

Michelle Andrie, a renowned Yoga Therapist and creator of the Heal.thy Low-Back Program will help you heal your own back.


Michelle has adapted her proven low-back pain-releasing program into a highly accessible interactive new book, Heal.thy Low- Back. This one-of-a-kind book is rooted in Michelle’s personal experience of releasing her own low-back pain and guiding thousands of people to find freedom from their low-back issues.

Michelle believes in empowering each individual to interpret and resolve their unique and diverse low-back challenges themselves by taking a whole-body approach to healing. This informative workbook guides readers through specific myofascial release methods, stretching routines, and strength9ening exercises while leading them on a comprehensive journey to understand the root causes of their low-back pain and to develop a daily practice to address these underlying issues.

If you suffer from low-back pain and are ready to get the issue resolved, this is the book for you!


As a Yoga Therapist of thirty-three years, a Myofascial Release Therapist, and an expert in the energy body, I’ve helped thousands of clients live free from low-back pain,” stated Michelle Andrie.

Michelle wanted to put her practices into one simple, accessible guide. Countless people whom she has treated are now finally enjoying life again. She wanted to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible. Michelle was able to heal her back NATURALLY without doctor visits and once again resume a happy life full of activities like ocean swimming.  Most importantly, she now savors the gift of feeling safe, strong, and capable in her own body. This is what she hopes to do for her readers.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’d do ANYTHING to get rid of this low back pain” – this is the IT, this is THE THING. “After a number of falls in my 20s, I had low back pain for years and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I made appointments with doctors and went to physical therapy. I tried chiropractic treatments, massage and acupuncture.  I took traditional yoga classes and bought a fancy mattress. None of them provided long-lasting, sustainable relief. Then I learned about Michelle Andrie and her Heal.Thy Low-Back program. Hers is the first program where I learned about myself, what’s going on to cause my pain, how to ease and let go of pain, how to recognize a small problem and address it before it becomes a big problem. In other words, she taught me how to heal my own pain. I can’t recommend this highly enough. I spend time on this every single day, even when I travel. It has been life-changing. Kimberly Williamson

Michelle’s book/ program can change your back and your life.

It’s a must-read if you or a loved one suffers from low back pain.


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