How to spend the best fall in Toronto

Limo bus in Toronto for fall

The autumn or fall in Toronto does bring up a unique attraction and experience. The Fall season can be one of the excellent seasons to visit in Toronto and you would find it a great option by almost every count. Let us explore a few of the best activities that you would find quite rewarding and innovative.

Picking apples

Apple picking should definitely be a great event that you would ever find funny, unique and innovative. You will find several locations around Toronto that you can move around and pick apples. The Downey’s Strawberry & Apple Farm in Caledon is one of the unique destinations that you can pick 13 different varieties of apples. The  Dixie Orchards lets you pick 20 varieties of them. Many of the orchards here have special events and procedure for those interested in apple picking during the fall season.

Nuit Blanche

This is a night long art extravaganza that you would want to enjoy in Toronto during a fall night. It has been regarded as the largest art event in the entire North America region. You will find over 300 artists from both local and international spheres at the event. The event is free for all and that should make the art connoisseurs among you enjoy it like never before.

Fall Foliage

The fall Foliage is yet another great option here that you would indeed enjoy. It may be a fun and unique experience watching the leaves changing color from green to red, orange, and ocher. The north of the city provides you a better degree of access in enjoying a few of the best attractions. The Bruce Peninsula has been regarded as one of the supreme destinations from this perspective if you want to enjoy something close by, but Algonquin Park or the Agawa Canyon can further improve your experience if you are have enough time to spare.

International Festival of Authors

The International Festival of Authors can be yet another great event that you would find enjoyable during your trip to Toronto in the Fall season. If you are a bookworm and looking for the best possible reading material, then this one should be the perfect option for almost everyone of your needs and expectations. The festival was started in 1974 and has seen over 9000 authors from over 100 countries around the world.

The Toronto Christmas Market

The Toronto Christmas Market should be yet another great destination for you to enjoy during the Fall Season. The event is held in the popular and historic Distillery District. The festival and the event attracts a huge number of revellers who want to enjoy the holiday spirit. The Twinkle lights and massive decorated trees can further make it one of the unique experiences you would find quite interesting in almost every extent.

Those were a few of the excellent options that you would find quite innovative in providing you access to a great degree of excellence. Why not hire a Limo Bus Toronto and enjoy one of the best fall tours ever in Toronto? You will find the affordable and professional limo service coupled with punctuality a great option to go with.

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