Puppy Mill Victim Creates Canadian Pets Classifieds Website

PetUp.ca – A Kijiji for Pets

Pet Up™ is a new Canadian Pets ONLY classifieds marketplace. Users can buy and sell anything pet-related within Canada. You can Buy & Sell Pets locally!

Pet Up™ is free to use. There are no listing fees whatsoever. There are a variety of different Pet categories (Pets for Rehoming, Adopt, Lost & Found, Accessories, Services, Livestock, and much more). All users can Buy and Sell Pets in Canada!

Scammers and puppy mills are strictly prohibited. “Our number one goal is to keep our users safe and ensuring the pets on our Pet Up™ are being treated humanely” says the Founder of PetUp.ca. All listings that go against PetUp.ca’s policies will be removed. Pet Up™ does not allow listings that ship live animals”.

Pet Up™ Features

Pet Up™ features a live chat built right into the website. Message alerts will be received via email. It also has an attractive and simple layout.

Pet Up™ makes sure to keep the ‘Adopt’ and ‘Lost & Found’ categories on the main page. “We want our visitors to see these two pages the most. We really want to help pets in need, and also help reunite lost pets with their owners”.

While other big classifieds websites have Pet Categories, we believe that Pets are just too important to be a category. Pets need their own website. The Pet Marketplace requires lots of attention to ensure everyone is following the rules. The founder of Pet Up™ says, “I believe that this lack of attention is the reason Puppy Mills are thriving in Canada”.

How it started!

“I bought many pet supplies on Kijiji and other classifieds websites for many years! I’d constantly inquire of different pets. I’ve ran into many scammers who wanted money to ‘ship’ rare pets that are almost impossible to find in Canada. That’s when I got the idea of making my own website that had better security for users. But many years passed until something really made me take this website idea more seriously” says the Founder of Pet Up.ca

Buying from a Puppy Mill

“My search for a puppy lasted many months. After talking with many dog breeders on Kijiji, I was shocked by the amount of Puppy Mills & careless breeders that were on Kijiji! I finally found a ‘good’ breeder, and purchased my puppy. Everything about them checked my list, I was certain I bought from a good breeder”.

“However, only after I brought my puppy home, I noticed numerous red flags! Sadly, I learned I bought from a puppy mill”, he says.

“So now, taking everything I learned, and advice from experts, we make sure every listing on PetUp.ca is in line with our strict policies. We also provide free buyers guides through the Blog page on Pet Up™. These guides will show red flags and questions you should ask the breeder”. Stay tuned!

The Future of PetUp.ca

PetUp.ca plans to release mobile apps on both iOS & Android in the near future! “We want to constantly improve our website and security. We have many big plans to give Canadian Pet lovers what they want!”.


“Right now we are in the start up phase. I’m very surprised about the huge amount of interest people have in this website! Many Canadians want a better place to Buy & Sell Pets, and that’s what I want to deliver”.

PetUp.ca is ready for you to use to Buy Pets Canada. Buy or sell anything Pet-Related. Find dogs, cats, birds, livestock, small animals, reptiles, fish, and more.

Whether you are looking for a furry or feathered friend, or whether you need Pet services or accessories, Join Pet Up™ today to look for Pets for sale Canada! Sign up for free and post your first listing. Welcome to the community!

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