Siu Ping Negrin Empowers Readers with her New Groundbreaking Book, “Stronger Than Your Stress”


Renowned Qigong energy healer, spiritual coach, and acupuncturist Siu Ping Negrin has recently unveiled her highly anticipated book, “Stronger Than Your Stress.” In this transformative work, Negrin shares her profound wisdom and presents a holistic approach to achieving optimal health and wellness.

“Stronger Than Your Stress” transcends conventional stress management techniques, empowering readers to prevent stress from infiltrating their bodies altogether. Drawing upon years of extensive research and wisdom derived from master teachings, Negrin presents an energetic and spiritual healing methodology that encompasses the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Negrin believes that true mastery over stress lies in gaining control over our dominant and negativity-prone brains. Through her revolutionary program, Heal From Within©, she guides individuals on harnessing the immense power of Qi, enabling them to connect with their authentic selves and become the masters of their bodies and lives.

An outstanding feature of “Stronger Than Your Stress” is the integration of QR codes throughout the book, providing access to instructional videos. This interactive approach allows readers to witness firsthand the techniques and exercises described in the book, enhancing the learning experience and facilitating effective application.

“Stronger Than Your Stress” is an indispensable read for anyone seeking to regain control over their stress levels and lead a more fulfilling life. Siu Ping Negrin’s groundbreaking insights and transformative practices provide a blueprint for holistic wellness that transcends traditional boundaries. “Embrace the power of Qi and embark on a journey towards a stress-free and empowered existence,” Siu Ping Negrin.


To learn more about her invaluable book, Siu answered our Q and A.

Q: Explain how your program can help a busy working mother who is experiencing high – stress levels? 

A: As a mother of three girls myself, I deeply understand the unique challenges faced by mothers. Having overcome 14 years of insomnia, I am able to share valuable insights and successful techniques to help other moms navigate their own stress and find inner health and peace. My program, Heal From Within©, serves as a blueprint to help people regain control over their stressful lives.  It forms the foundation of my new book, Stronger than Your Stress that offers an energetic and spiritual approach to empower one towards a holistically balanced and less stressful life.

One of the key aspects of my program is its proactive approach to stress management. While many stress management resources focus on addressing stress after it has already taken a toll on our bodies and lives, my proven techniques and strategies not only clear current stresses but also prevent the development of stress in the first place. By implementing these proactive strategies, busy working mothers can take control of their stress levels and create a healthier and more balanced life.

My program places emphasis on the body’s energy flow, recognizing that stress can disrupt this flow and lead to various physical and emotional imbalances.  It focuses on Qigong, which combines coordinated movement, breathing, and meditation techniques to cultivate Qi (energetic lifeforce). By practicing Qigong, you can restore and maintain your body’s energy flow, leading to a significant reduction in stress levels. These practices not only address the immediate effects of stress but also work towards preventing its accumulation over time.

Being a busy working mother myself, I fully understand the time constraints and responsibilities faced by women in similar situations. However, Qigong offers a unique solution. By incorporating Qigong into your routine, you create a state where energy flows freely within your body. Being in a free- flowing state allows you to operate at your optimal state of focus, creativity, and efficiency in your work, ultimately leading to greater productivity and even more free time. 

It is crucial for women to keep their stress levels under control due to the significant impact chronic stress can have on their overall well-being. Stress triggers the release of stress hormones like cortisol, affecting the body mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Mentally and emotionally, stress can contribute to anxiety and depression, often silently manifesting until it reaches a tipping point, like my sudden 14-year insomnia. Physically, stress can manifest as muscular tension, leading to discomfort, headaches, and musculoskeletal issues such as back and neck pains. Over time, chronic stress can weaken the immune system, making women more vulnerable to illnesses. Additionally, prolonged stress can contribute to autoimmune diseases, where the body’s own tissues are attacked due to inflammation and hormonal imbalances caused by stress.

By effectively managing stress, women can restore balance to their bodies and promote normal functioning. This includes rebalancing energy levels and reducing inflammation, allowing for a healthier and happier life overall. Taking control of stress levels is crucial for women’s well-being, enabling them to enjoy a life free from the negative impacts of chronic stress.

Q: How does QiGong Meditation help? Do you need to practice it each day to see results?

A: Qigong Meditation helps by promoting the free flow of energy throughout the body, using movement and breath to clear blockages and release negative energy. This process restores balance and allows the body to maximize its innate healing abilities. My Heal From Within© Qigong takes it a step further by reconnecting you to your spiritual center, where your soul resides. This practice helps the brain listen to your inner voice, the wisest consciousness within you that guides you towards the best approach to life.

Similar to any exercise, practicing Qigong correctly can yield immediate results. However, consistency is key. Just as we understand that self-care is an ongoing process, it’s important to make caring for our Qi and spirit a regular practice, alongside our care for our mind, body, and heart. The amount of time you dedicate each day can vary based on your schedule. Some days, it may be as short as 5 minutes, while other days, you may have the luxury of devoting a half-hour or more.

Remember, nurturing your spiritual energy is some of the most well-spent time because it is a direct expression of honoring the essence of your inner self. By dedicating yourself to your Qigong practice, you are nourishing the core of your being. This sacred time allows you to tap into your inner voice, the wisdom that resides within you, guiding you towards a healthier, aligned and fulfilling life.

Q:  Do you offer virtual energy healings? 

A: Yes, I offer virtual energy healings. Qi, being a subtle, yet powerful energy, can be transmitted virtually. Similar to how Wi-Fi connections transmit data across radio waves, Qi can travel and have profound effects. Distance is not a limitation when you have a powerful energy healer transmitting and a willing client receiving.

Q:  Do your energy healings help with women’s stress issues, anxiety / panic disorders and other diseases? 

A: My signature Heal From Within© program is the fastest and best way to transform mental health ailments (stress, anxiety, panic disorders, fears) in just 9-weeks. As part of the program, I provide weekly energy group healings that complement the self-energy work done during the program. These healings are specifically designed to improve overall health by promoting the free flow of energy and targeting and removing blockages in the body.

Recognizing that each individual may have unique needs and concerns, I also provide personalized healing sessions that offer targeted support for specific issues. This comprehensive approach has yielded remarkable results, significantly improving the overall well-being of my clients and transforming their lives.

However, I have always been deeply committed to making my services accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. Considering the current state of our healthcare system, which can be both critical and costly, I am currently developing PureQi—an online healing store that will feature vibrational energy recordings. This innovative platform will provide a more cost-effective way to support healing for a wide range of conditions, including respiratory diseases, immune building, inflammation, musculoskeletal pain, headaches, GI issues, and even cancer.

With PureQi, my aim is to offer natural and affordable healthcare alternatives to those in need. It is my sincere contribution and solution to ensuring that individuals have access to effective and holistic healing options, regardless of their circumstances.

Q: Do you plan on any events in Canada over the coming year?

A: Currently, I do not have any specific plans for events in Canada over the coming year. However, I love Canada and would love the opportunity to be part of speaking or healing events to promote well-being and sharing valuable insights with the Canadian audience.

Q:  Why did you write your book?

A: I wrote my book because of the tremendous success I had in transforming mental health through my Heal From Within© program. Seeing the transformative impact, it had on individuals’ mental and physical well-being inspired me to share these valuable insights with a wider audience. My goal was to reach and help more people in a cost-effective manner, and I’m grateful to say that it is becoming a reality.

Through the feedback I’ve received, I’ve learned that my book is making a positive difference in people’s lives. Readers have shared how it has brought them a sense of calmness and prompted them to think differently about their bodies and their lives. My true passion lies in teaching the fundamental principles that can empower individuals to improve their relationship with themselves and with life.

By writing this book, I hope to reach and touch the lives of many, helping them discover the transformative power of Qi empowering them to live their most joyous, healthiest and fulfilled life. 

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