Carpet Steam Cleaning

carpet cleaning

Carpets are one of the most vital things for the interior and we all know how bad it becomes when the carpet is dirty.

Therefore, our carpet cleaning experts will work hard to make your carpet clean and fresh again.

To get this done, we use pet-friendly and eco-friendly steam cleaning products to take all sorts of dust, stains, dirt and bacteria away from your carpet. The steam cleaning process in high temperature helps preventing the growth of mold and allergies by diminishing dust and other pollutants from your carpet.

Our professional steam cleaning staff know the value of your money and serve accordingly. We are here to ensure that your carpet is bright and stain free by using products that are safe and non-toxic. We exist to return your carpets to its former glory.


Our upholstery cleaning services will restore the freshness and healthy air to your home or commercial area. You may also know that clean upholstery makes the space more greeting. Tidy upholstery will be fit for your kids and pets and prevent in spreading germs and allergies. Upholstery steam cleaning will bring back the original appearance of your upholstery.

People also try to clean themselves, but professional upholstery cleaning would do a much better job. Great North Steam takes complete care of your upholstery while cleaning. Along with cleaning, it also sanitizes your furniture and eliminates all the microbes and particles that can cause diseases.


You should have a proper floor and grout cleaning service if your tiles and floor seem dull and scummy. After years of use, grout and tiles gather dirt, and it also loses the shine. We offer professional tile and grout steam cleaning services in London, Ontario and surrounding area.

By taking our services, your floor will increase its shine, the molds will get eliminated, and the tiles will have a more durable life. Moreover, you will be sure that your home or office floor is free from bacteria to affect you.


As one of the best carpet cleaning companies, we strive to give our valued customers all the up-to-date and current solutions to ensure the best outcomes.

For area rug cleaning, we only use quality products to ensure complete cleaning in a delicate manner to maintain rug appearance and texture. There are several steps included for rug steam cleaning. Those steps are pre-treatment, steam cleaning and drying. All these functions will increase the life of your rug and retain the original appearance.


Do you have pets and need a good home cleaning service? Great North steam offer carpet cleaning services in London, Ontario. So you need not worry. You love pets, and so do we.

If you have pets lying around at home, don′;t feel pressured on how to handle cleaning your home. We are familiar with pets and adore having them around when we work.

Because of this, our Carpet Cleaning London Ontario cleaning services are tailored with your pets in mind. We are particular about cleaning your home from the cleaning staff down to the products we use.

Every part of our service has to undergo a thorough vetting exercise to ensure they meet up with our pet friendly criteria.

Our cleaning products do not contain toxic chemicals that would affect the health of your pet. We make sure that all the cleaning products we use for carpet cleaning are safe for your pet.

Eco Friendly

Presently, everyone is now conscious of the environment as we try to preserve it better. From monitoring how much carbon dioxide that we emit down to choosing the products we use, everyone is pitching in to save our earth.

With our carpet cleaning London Ontario services, we are not to be left behind. Our cleaning company cares greatly about the environment just as much as we care about you – our client. This is why we adopt the Eco-friendly form of cleaning during carpet cleaning.

Green cleaning is one of our strong points as a carpet cleaning service. We try as much as possible to use products certified with the design for environment label. This label proclaims the product as an environmentally friendly product.

We, therefore, make use of products that are biodegradable, non-toxic and safe not just for the environment but also for your health.

Chemical-heavy cleaning products can damage affect health negatively. As a result, we adopt an Eco-Friendly system to protect the environment and you. was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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