Top 10 benefits of physical activity – Lifestyle Management

Running a marathon

Everyone always tells you how good exercise is for you and that you should exercise regularly. But how good exactly is exercise? What kind of benefits does physical activity bring? Does it only help for losing weight or are there other benefits? Everyone, no matter which age or sex, could benefit from regular exercise. Here are the top 10 benefits of physical activity.

1. Lose weight

The first benefit is the most obvious one: weight loss/ weight control. When you take part in physical activity you burn calories, which will result in weight loss or weight control at the very least. Remember, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym or exercising for hours on end every day to lose weight. Even a small amount of exercise is better than no exercise. You can try to make small adjustments as well, for example by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or to work outside in your garden more.

2. Exercise will boost your energy

Are you out of breath quickly? Try doing some more physical activity! By exercising on a regular basis you can improve your endurance and your muscle strength. When you exercise, nutrients and oxygen are delivered to your muscle tissues, which will improve your cardiovascular system. So by improving the health of your lungs and heart, you will have more energy on a daily basis.

3. Exercise is fun and social

Physical activity can be fun to do as well! You can let go of all your stress and just enjoy the activities. You could also partake in physical activity together with your family or friends, which will make it more fun and enjoyable.

4. Exercise prevents/ improves diseases and health conditions

Regular physical activity will help you to prevent certain health conditions or diseases. Some of the health concerns it can prevent are high blood pressure, a stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, cancer, arthritis and anxiety. It also makes sure your blood keeps flowing smoothly, which will lower the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

5. Exercise helps you sleep better

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Physical activity makes you fall asleep faster, deepens your sleep and makes you get better sleep, but don’t exercise just before you go to bed, because you will have too much energy.

Running in the sun

6. Physical activity improves your mood

Exercise is a great way to blow off some steam or feel better in general. Exercise stimulates chemicals in your brain, which will make you less anxious, happier and more relaxed. Your appearance will most likely improve from exercise as well, which will result in a boosted confidence and an improvement in your self-esteem.

7. Physical activity gives your sex life a spark again

By exercising regularly, your energy levels will have improved and because of your increased confidence in how you look, your sex life will enjoy a boost. For women, physical activity  even enhances arousal! Men who exercise on a regular basis run a smaller risk of getting problems with erectile dysfunction.

8. Physical activity boosts your immune system

By working out on a regular basis, your immune system will get a boost as well! Because your body will be in better shape, it’s easier for you to combat diseases.

9. Physical activity improves the health and strength of your bones

Exercise using weight, either your body weight or with resistance training, has shown to improve your bone density, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

10. Physical activity in the outdoors connects you to nature

Take a run outside in the morning or join a sports team with practice outside. Or go hiking in the woods once a week. All of these activities make sure you get some more time outside, which is good for you. Not only will you learn to appreciate the beauty of nature, but you will get vitamin D from the sunlight as well!

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