Firm versus Soft Mattress

Firm mattress

Many people choose a firm mattress over a soft one. It is a popular choice for those suffering from back issues. Firm mattresses have both pros and cons and it comes down to sleeping positions, body type, and personal preference.


People who have back pain find that firm mattresses offer more support. When on a firm mattress, the bones are able to absorb most of the pressure when lying horizontally, and this gives blood vessels and muscles relief. Your muscles are less strained because there is improved circulation.

A firm mattress prevents your back from collapsing too low, and this means there is an even distribution of weight. It also results in higher oxygen intake. The pressure when you lie horizontally is evenly distributed, and no area is forced to bear a lot of pressure. A firm mattress is a perfect option for those who sleep on their back.

Firm mattresses are good for younger children and babies. It reduces the risks of suffocation.


People who have been sleeping on soft mattresses have a hard time transitioning to firm mattresses and find it uncomfortable. This gets better with time.

People suffering from back issues such as arthritis and scoliosis can find their symptoms getting worse. It is important to have a good understanding of your condition before you decide to buy a new mattress.

Soft mattress

When you think about a soft mattress, you picture drifting into the clouds, but this is not always the case. There are some people who find a soft mattress perfect, but there are certain conditions when it is not a great option.


If a firmer mattress causes back pain, then it is a good idea to choose a soft mattress. It is also a good option for people suffering from pre-existing back conditions.

Those who sleep on their stomach or side prefer a soft mattress because it provides more cushioning for shoulders and hips. The spine is aligned better for those who sleep on their side.


For those who sleep on their stomach or have excess weight, a soft mattress might not be a good option because it doesn’t provide enough support, and the bodyweight is not going to be easily distributed. This is going to put more pressure on some parts of the body and cause strain, pain, and discomfort.

Whether you prefer a firm or soft mattress, read these Ikea mattress reviews to find the perfect mattress for you.

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