How does your lifestyle affect your toupee or wig choice?

Human hair wigs

If you’ve made the choice to get a human hair wig or toupee, congratulations! You’ve taken a major step in reclaiming your confidence and having a full head of hair again. However, you can’t just select whichever hair unit you please.

There are many things to consider and that includes the lifestyle of the hair system wearer — you. So with that said, here’s a look at how one’s lifestyle can affect their choice of wig or toupee.

Why does lifestyle matter when buying a hair system?

Lifestyle is important to consider when buying a hair system because the activities and location of the wearer has to be compatible with their wig or toupee.

For example, if you buy a men’s toupee which is only to be worn when you’re at work in a corporate setting, you may want a hairpiece that doesn’t stand out too much. In some cases, you will want short hair with a clean, professional look. However, it’s also important to make sure the base isn’t visible with such a hairstyle. In this case, a custom order would probably be best.

Additionally, if you’re extremely busy with very little time to wash your wigs, care about your hair or maintain it, you will not want to wear a full lace hair system such as a Swiss lace or French lace for example as it requires quite a bit of maintenance. Instead, a thin skin hair system would be preferable as there is next to no maintenance required due to its shorter lifespan compared to a monofilament or lace base.

Hair systems for active lifestyles

If you are a very active person, you will want a toupee or wig that not only lasts long, but is breathable and designed to handle sweat. Durability is important in this case as the longevity of your hairpiece will lessen over time with an active lifestyle. You will also want a durable hairpiece if you plan on sleeping with it every night rather than removing it.

As for physical activities, you will want a breathable base with ventilation for more comfort and less sweat buildup on your scalp. For the most part, nearly every base other than the skin base should be ideal for this. If you are using a women’s wig, you will ideally want a shorter length wig to prevent potential damage or shedding to your hair when exercising.

Hot climate affecting hairpieces

Similar to those with an active lifestyle, hair system wearers in warm or hot climates will also want a breathable base with ventilation. Again, a skin base would not be ideal for this climate as it will just cause irritation and potential overheating on your scalp, so it’s best to avoid those.


These are just a few examples of how your lifestyle can affect your choice of wig or toupee. Hopefully, you will take this into consideration before you make your first purchase to avoid any future problems.


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