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Abdominoplasty, also known as a “tummy tuck,” is an aesthetic cosmetic surgical procedure that is becoming increasingly popular among both men and women, especially after significant weight loss or pregnancy. A tummy tuck aims to remove excess skin and belly fat for a smooth and firm midsection. This will make you feel more at ease and secure in your skin, as well as drastically alter the way you appear and fit in clothing. 

Abdominoplasty is a major surgical operation, similar to many other cosmetic procedures. It entails a wide range of abdominal corrections, as well as a lengthy recovery time to ensure the best possible result. Having enough sleep is a vital part of recovering faster after a tummy tuck and should be prioritized. Unfortunately, many women and men, particularly in the first few weeks after abdominoplasty, have trouble sleeping. This article addresses abdominoplasty, its healing, and how proper sleep in the proper position is a vital aspect of any tummy tuck operation. 

Tummy tucks will change the way you stand, sit, and sleep. One of the most common problems that patients face after abdominoplasty is being unable to sleep comfortably. Sleeping incorrectly will jeopardize your tummy tuck results and keep you from having the rest you need to recover. To sleep better after your tummy tuck turkey, follow these guidelines and tips.

  • Get a head start: Sleeping on your back can feel unnatural if you usually sleep on your side or flat on your stomach. We recommend that you start sleeping on your back about a week before your surgery. This makes it easier for you to adapt to your new sleeping position after your tummy tuck surgery and ensures that you get enough rest. 
  • Use a recliner: To extract extra fat and skin during your tummy tuck procedure, your plastic surgeon will make a long horizontal incision between your hip bone and pubic region. Your abdomen would then be stitched back together in a tight thin line. As a result, it is recommended that you sleep in a slightly bent and elevated position for the first two to four weeks after your liposuction in Turkey to avoid putting undue pressure on your taught stitches. If you don’t already own a recliner, it can be a costly but worthwhile investment. It gives you a relaxed and secure way to hold your body in the perfect bent and elevated position without the risk of damaging your stitches from tossing and turning. 
  • Extra pillow: You can always add extra pillows to your bed for a more affordable alternative. Create a portion that is higher than the rest of your body that can support your upper body. It’s an easy solution for sleeping comfortably after abdominoplasty, but it comes with some drawbacks. When just propped on pillows, you can still toss and turn, and the pillows can easily fall from your back, ruining your bowed pose. Your tummy tuck incisions can stretch and reopen as a result of this. 
  • Getting in and out of bed/chairs: Because of the quality and location of your stitches after abdominoplasty, you should continue to stay in a bent position for the first few weeks after the operation. Not only would this relieve the strain on the incisional lines, but it will also help to minimize scarring. Sit on the edge of a recliner or bed with your knees facing outward and a flexed core before swinging your legs in front of you and onto the recliner/bed. After that, you should gently lower your torso. You should keep your flexed stance when rolling on your side to get out of bed. Use your hands to gently guide yourself back into a sitting position, then rock forward and stand up using your leg muscles. 
  • Wear your garment: Your plastic surgeon will ask you to wear a supportive abdominal garment for six weeks after your abdominoplasty. Compression garments come in several sizes, from binders to girdles, and can be worn at any time of day or night. Although wearing compression clothing can make it difficult to sleep, it will help prevent fluid from building up in your tissues. Compression garments also assist in the reduction of swelling and provide support for your abdomen while you recover. 
  • Create a sleeping routine: Maintaining a healthy sleeping routine is an ideal way to get a decent night’s sleep during abdominoplasty recovery. Sleeping can be challenging after a tummy tuck due to fatigue, bruises, swelling, and heightened emotions. Having a set sleeping schedule as part of your daily routine will assist in training your mind and body to enter sleep mode more easily. Other things that will help you sleep better include taking warm showers in the evening, diffusing essential oils, putting your computer devices away, and avoiding sleep disruptors like caffeine. 
  • Take your painkiller: Expect significant levels of inflammation for the first week or so. Inflammation, unfortunately, raises pain levels. This is particularly apparent at night when your mind is at rest. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain relief to help you sleep better and alleviate your discomfort. 

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