A heavenly gift for Mother’s Day for all Canadians

May 9 is Mother’s Day again. But what can you actually give your mother? Most people would say: something to show her that you like her. And so it is!

Our mothers usually already have everything you can imagine. And the only thing they actually want for Mother’s Day is the affection of their child – or at least, if the child lives far away, an attention that you haven’t forgotten Mother’s Day – or the mother.

So what is such a “gift” that you can give your mother for Mother’s Day that will show her how much you like her? We are talking here about a star naming.

What is a star naming or star baptism?

A star naming is, as the name actually suggests, the naming of a star. In doing so, we name a star in the sky (yes, in our starry sky) after our mother’s name. According to the motto “let’s get you the stars from the sky” your mother thus receives a place in heaven.

Are star baptisms real?

A star naming is only symbolic, i.e. it is not recognized by the IAU or other astronomical research institutions – nevertheless it is a nice gift, because in the end it is the will that counts.

Where can I buy such a “name a star” gifts?

There are various providers on the Internet who sell star baptisms. For example, you can buy a star baptism at Interstellarium and name a star after your mother.

If you decide to buy a star naming gift, in most cases you will receive a star certificate, a star map and an entry in an international star registry, where you can access the star at any time.

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