How to choose the perfect ride on car for your child?

Do you want to give your child a gift that will bring maximum pleasure and will be remembered for a lifetime? Most often friends, parents, or other close people decide to buy a Kids ride-on car. Receiving such a surprise as a gift, children are delighted, and a beautiful and sophisticated car with a set of interactive functions, powered by a battery, becomes their favorite toy for several years.

But selecting a baby ride-on car is a difficult task because a large variety is available that can easily confuse the buyer. You have to study the technical characteristics to choose the perfect ride-on car for your child.

Important features when choosing an electric car

1. Remote Control Car

It is an extremely important function for controlling the movement of a child. If you suddenly notice that the child is trying to leave you in the sunset, with the help of such a remote control you can announce an interception plan and return it as soon as possible. The presence of remote control in cars is especially important for very young children who are not yet very good at controlling.

2. Number of seats

A single-seater ride on car is the best option if your child wants to ride alone. The kid may want to ride not alone, but with a friend or brother. For such cases, there are two-seater ride on cars.

3. Doors

Children’s ride-on cars also come with opening doors. For a younger child, it is better to choose those cars where the doors are solid so that he/she is reliably protected during the trip.

4. Number of Gears

Like adult cars, kids ride-on cars have gears that allow you to select the desired speed. 1 to 3 speeds for forward travel, and there is almost always a reverse gear to avoid making big turns on small lanes.

5. Maximum speed

Be sure to consider this parameter and correlate it with the age of your child. Even at 8 km / h, you can move into a ditch and hit painfully, so if your baby is still not quite confident in driving such a car, it is better to choose a slower model. There are models that can move at a speed of about 16 km / h, but this is at your own peril and risk.

6. Battery voltage and capacity

Generally, battery voltage affects the number of drive wheels in a vehicle. In the younger models, there are 12 volt ride-on cars. Such cars are well suited for driving on flat asphalt surfaces, but on the sticky ground or off-road they will skid.

24 volt ride-on cars are much more powerful. On such toys, you can conquer any obstacles and arrange your own rally.

The battery capacity determines the time that the electric car will work without recharging. Manufacturers, as a rule, immediately indicate this parameter in the technical documentation. Some models can ride up to 150 minutes on a single charge

7. Wheel material

Wheels in cheap models are made of plastic and are not always stable on the road. This option is suitable only for the youngest children who do not indulge in speed and modestly ride next to their mother. If you take a car for growth, then buy an electric car with rubber power wheels. This will prevent the vehicle from skidding when cornering and will be stable on almost any surface.

Additional “body kits”

Your child will be incredibly happy if his new car is as similar to the real one as possible. Therefore, the presence of working headlights, turning signals, a damping system, a warning signal, viewing mirrors, separate gas, and brake pedals will automatically make you almost omnipotent in the eyes of the baby.


You are going to choose a ride-on car not for yourself, but for your beloved child? Therefore, even if you really like Quad 4×4 Jeep Wrangler, and the kid asks for a pink Mercedes GTR, you better listen to his/her opinion.

Even if such toys are not very fast, the utmost attention should be paid to safety. All electric vehicles are divided into age categories, which also have different systems to protect the child from falling out of the cab or from overturning the body.

When sending your child to ride an electric car, do not forget that you need to constantly monitor him. On such a rider it is easy to get on the road to real cars. Take care of children and enjoy their small electric ride on cars.

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