Improve your Speaking for PTE Academic

PTE Mock test

The Speaking section is the first part of the PTE Test.  There are 6 modules with 28 to 32 questions, including a personal Introduction.  For many, speaking is one of the most difficult skills, especially when it is a part of the examination.  But it is not an impossible task, with little tips and tricks, you can speak English more confidently.  Let’s discuss all the points:

  • Understand Stress:  To improve your speaking skill, you should know where to put the emphasis in a word or sentence to pronounce it correctly.  A syllable or word stress is knowing, which word the main emphasis falls on.   If you are unable to find a particular word, you can check it out from a good dictionary.  In most cases, stress is indicated by an apostrophe just before the stressed syllable.  Sentence stress is knowing which words in a sentence are emphasized and pronouncing them correctly.  As a general rule, there are two types of words, meaning words and grammar words.  The “Meaning words” relate to objects, actions, and descriptions that we want to communicate.  “Grammar words” are the other words, used to construct the word correctly. You can understand this better by practicing with a pte mock test.
  • Chunking words:  Chunking is a great way to improve your spoken fluency and can help you learn vocabulary. Chunking means dividing a sentence into parts with a brief pause between each to make it easier to say and understand.  It can make your speech more fluent and clearer.  You should learn verb patterns, prepositions, phrases, or collocations.  A good collocation dictionary is very helpful in speaking.
  • Self-evaluate:  Recording your speaking and listening back to it.  This is an excellent way to improve your speaking through self-evaluation.  Especially for Read-aloud and Re-tell lecture questions.  Simply record anything in English and then listen back.  There should be a little gap between recording and listening.  So, that you will forget what you have spoken and listen as you are hearing the speech for the first time.  While listening to your recording look at these points:  How was your pronunciation? Do you speak all the words clearly or mispronounced them?  How was your speed?  Is it too fast or too slow OR are you speaking at an ample speed?  How was your intonation?  Intonation is the change in the rise and fall of the voice when speaking.  Did you rise and fall in the appropriate places?  Did you hesitate OR use fillers?  The PTE test will be evaluated on various basis.  Do practice of speaking as much as you can, as “Practice makes a man perfect” so improve your PTE Score by practicing repeated questions.  The practice material is widely available on the internet.
  • Speech shadowing:  It means to find someone who speaks well and you can practice with him as a speech model.  You can imitate, how he speaks, whatever he says.  Pay attention to the way he speaks the vowel sounds of English but also notice his intonation, rhythm, and speed.  In this digital age, it is very easy to find English-speaking models from whom you can copy and learn from them, it is from anywhere it is some celebrity or some anchor or some educationalist.

By following these simple tips and with practice, you can improve your speaking skill and get the desired score on the PTE Test.

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